Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Mullane Family of Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ryan Mullane is a troll and a self proclaimed provacateur. 

Scroll to bottom to see some of his present and past accounts 

 He likes to create many accounts to harass people. These accounts are usually easy to recognize, as Ryan has a fixation with mob bosses, FBI. Russians, Russian intelligence, and lizard people.

Ryan never acts alone, but in a pack. No one is off limits. He attacks the weak. Currently Ryan has attacked a depressed man who is a cutter, a man who has an alcohol problem, and tagged in a 14 yr old girl because he didn't agree with her mothers politics. Here;





 Ryan easily bleeds out on his timeline, and will post actual pictures of himself giving the finger, or his brother Jared's picture who is serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment. 

Ryan was Doxed by former Anon @9riest and some of his info was posted on priests bully website (now deleted) with ss of physical threats made by Ryan. Priest has become an obsession, and Ryan will mention him, or his Dox on timeline. 

Ryan likes to act like a touch guy, but in reality, Ryan is a Realtor in Boston, who is not busy enough in Realestate, so to compensate for his failures he trolls people. Info is as follows;

Email Ryan.mullane@nemoves.com

Cell (617)417-5668

Office (617)864-8566

Address 30 St Donnell MA, Cambridge 02138-1352


Ryan likes to threaten people with his brother,Jared Mullane, who is in the 75th Ranger regiment. He assures his victim that he will be able to use his brothers army clearance to track people down. Here is Ryan's brothers LinkedIn 


Ryan also likes to threaten people with the mob. He brags that his father is a big "mob boss lawyer", when in fact, his father's claim to fame is defending John J Connolly Jr., a disgraced FBI agent who was charged with murder after he leaked information to mobster James (Whitey) Bulger, part of the infamous Winter Hill gang.. Court information here..


Ryan's Father is E. Peter Mullane Esq.. 

6 Bennett St

Cambridge Ma


Phone- (618)661-3032


Some of Ryan's accounts are as follows;









More Threats from Ryan Mullane June 21, 2016

 Just wanted to give you the back story on Ryan Mullane, provocateur, troll, Amd all around asshole who reappeared on my timeline making false accusations and allegations about several people I care about including myself. 

I have been asked one too many times to back off on Ryan and was complaint with those requests until earlier this afternoon. 

I won't play.nice anymore. Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice? It will never fucking happen. 

I'm assuming people following the thread may have noticed that Ryan tried to expose my identity on Twitter, and anonymous website. 

He was trying to intimidate me by calling me "Elyssa" several times. 

NOBODY does give. My history with stalkers, felony assault, and SWAT with 17 sharp shooters. 

The local sheriff now follows me now since Ryan's partners in crime, Gary LaFollette, Beeena Bennett, and Rebecca Shier Boden reported that I was holding a hostage in my apartment hoping the police would show up with a SWAT Team which happens to be a 3rd Degree Felony. 

They also posted the photo below to my parents, with the caption, "BANG BANG"

Can you  agree that is taking it a little to far??  

More on Ryan Mullane coming up shortly.