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Largest military exercise in 15 years

Largest military exercise in 15 years

September 26th 2011 6:10 AM

ASSEN – Defense begins Monday with the biggest military exercise in the last 15 years held in The Netherlands.

To surgery, Falcon Autumn, 2500 soldiers do it, 400 vehicles and combat and transport helicopters.

The exercise, which lasts until Oct. 7, starts at Arnhem and is taking place mainly in the province of Drenthe.

It is also the first time in years that the whole Airborne Brigade back together occurs.
That was far from possible because of the constant battalions operated abroad.

The highlight of Wednesday’s practice, when a combined ‘attack’ the air and the ground is performed on an imaginary airport on the TT circuit in Assen.
In two waves are then dropped paratroopers over the track and combat and transport helicopters are in action, while ground troops advancing on the road.

Particularly is that citizens can participate.
That the future can be actively approached by patrolling soldiers.
The population may also, on a voluntary basis, participate in checkpoints at different places in central and northern Drenthe are raised, where military vehicles will be inspected.

Defense has established a special telephone number in case of complaints or damage.

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