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Freeing government's scientific data | First Amendment Center

Freeing government's scientific data : First Amendment Center – news, commentary, analysis on free speech, press, religion, assembly, petition | Sep 23rd 2012

Freeing government’s scientific data

The Union of Concerned Scientists Center for Science and Democracy will conduct several events in September examining barriers to citizen access to government scientific information. Of particular interest: data on toxic chemicals in communities, coal-ash dump locations and environmental contaminants in the aftermath of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

The centerpiece of the series is a symposium on freedom of scientific information Sept. 25 at the Newseum, from 8:30 a.m. to noon ET, presented in partnership with the First Amendment Center.

Attendees will hear from top scientific experts and government officials about problems with access to information and ways the government is trying to solve those problems. Speakers will include Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., Consumer Product Safety Commission Chair Inez Tenenbaum and USA Today consumer reporter Dan Vergano.

John Edward Porter, Research! America chair and former Illinois congressman, and Andrew Rosenberg, Center for Science and Democracy director, will discuss obstacles that prevent scientific information getting to policymakers.

The program is free, but seating is limited. To reserve a seat, please contact Ashlie Hampton at 202/292-6288 or

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