Sunday, July 24, 2011

Target: Washington, DC

JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/22/11 20:25
@Armytra1n3d @Abhaxas @Nix0nTehDuck @x25princess WOW... #Trollin #WINNING
Armytra1n3d (@Armytra1n3d)
7/22/11 20:23
@Abhaxas @Nix0nTehDuck @jadedsecurity Well at least we all dont have to listen to @x25princess yelling at the duck again #Trollin #WINNING
abhaxas (@Abhaxas)
7/22/11 20:22
@Nix0nTehDuck @jadedsecurity now you've done pissed the duck off, great.
Ducky Nixon (@Nix0nTehDuck)
7/22/11 20:21
@jadedsecurity FUCK you Ruskie...Megadeath- Angry again
JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/22/11 20:17
@barnsniper @Abhaxas think he's cheating on her already.
Jeanie (@barnsniper)
7/22/11 20:17
@Abhaxas @jadedsecurity now that is wrong! lmao
abhaxas (@Abhaxas)
7/22/11 20:15
@jadedsecurity yea i need a hand-job
JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/22/11 20:13
Think I'm available as of right now for first week of August. Any projects before DC?

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 

United States of America 

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