Sunday, July 24, 2011

Forensics needed

Anonymous (@AnonyOps)
7/21/11 15:02
@ejhilbert I agree with you re: united will. I'm really not as cynical as I sound. I promise.
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 15:01
@AnonyOps Disagree... just look at the recent recalls in Wisconsin. A united will of the ppl trumps all
Anonymous (@AnonyOps)
7/21/11 14:59
@ejhilbert Right, so corporations then. :p I don't think public opinion matters as much as it used to now that corps can funnel so much $
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 14:58
@AnonyOps you are mistaken in that they make change. change comes from the ppl who put them in office
Anonymous (@AnonyOps)
7/21/11 14:57
@ejhilbert They may not be making SERIOUS money, outside of huge campaign contributions, but they ARE retaining their seat of power.
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 14:56
@mermaidsrcsluts I would disagree because those who force change are not those making the money
No One (@mermaidsrcsluts)
7/21/11 11:10
@ejhilbert being former a g'ment employee wuld u agree/disagree that $ is 2 embedded 4 us 2 b able 2 change things?
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 10:51
@mermaidsrcsluts Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is why we need freedom to speak, debate, challenge and force change
No One (@mermaidsrcsluts)
7/21/11 10:49
@ejhilbert but they r stil just as corupt as any g'ment. The German people were grateful for Hilter at the beginning. Lok how that turnd out
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 10:46
@mermaidsrcsluts Agreed... not a smart move attacking those you will one day ask to help/protect you
No One (@mermaidsrcsluts)
7/21/11 10:44
@ejhilbert I guess its bcause of the threat. Even tho same people expect NATO to come 2 their country or people's rescue.
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 10:40
@mermaidsrcsluts Ok Ill give you that and I mis spoke. NATO has not said Anon was an enemy they said cyber attacks are a threat
No One (@mermaidsrcsluts)
7/21/11 10:39
@ejhilbert War (verb) - 2 b n conflict or in a state of strong opposition.
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 10:05
@mermaidsrcsluts War ? I dont think so... they declared them an enemy that needed to be watched
No One (@mermaidsrcsluts)
7/21/11 9:42
@ejhilbert EJ. I think being n NY is makng u slack. NATO declared war on #Anonymous.
E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)
7/21/11 9:22
#Anonymous claims hit on NATO... did not release data but question is why hit NATO?

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 

United States of America 

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