Sunday, July 24, 2011

Conversation Médical Records 7/11/11 (@attritionorg)
7/11/11 16:42
@matthewhughes So you are 100% sure there was no medical documents in that mail spool? =) Will you go on record saying that?
matthewhughes (@matthewhughes)
7/11/11 16:40
@attritionorg Nope. Ligatt Leaks disseminated company information, not personal medical data. (@attritionorg)
7/11/11 16:40
@matthewhughes You realize your stance on this is contradictory to your stance 5 months ago on LIGATT Leaks?
matthewhughes (@matthewhughes)
7/11/11 16:34
@attritionorg OK. I concede that point. I still argue that they were fundamentally private, and should be kept so, despite the subject. (@attritionorg)
7/11/11 16:33
@matthewhughes "medical document" I will agree with, but "medical records" has an entirely different connotation and bias
matthewhughes (@matthewhughes)
7/11/11 16:31
@attritionorg medical professional, with the aim of treating a problem with the patient. How are they not medical documents? (@attritionorg)
7/11/11 16:29
@matthewhughes 1. it isn't "medical records", quit saying that. 2. accomplishing anything is up to the reader, and their choice to read
matthewhughes (@matthewhughes)
7/11/11 16:25
@attritionorg Dude, you didn't need to tweet a link to his medical records. It didn't accomplish anything. It was Red Top tactics from an (@attritionorg)
7/11/11 16:24
@matthewhughes Eagerly awaiting a correction and apology on
matthewhughes (@matthewhughes)
7/11/11 16:22
@attritionorg Dude, you don't spread that shit. What does it accomplish? We already knew GDE was fucked up. (@attritionorg)
7/11/11 16:20
@matthewhughes We did not post them online you moron. Like 1000 times, we just linked to a document made public by someone else. cc @diami03
matthewhughes (@matthewhughes)
7/11/11 15:58
@diami03 @attritionorg posted them online. Well, his psychiatric records from his time in prison.

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